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Join recruiters and experts from from Capgemini–a leading technology firm–as they share winning strategies to help you amplify areas in your professional blueprint and reframe your career goals for better outcomes. 

In 3 breakout sessions, speakers from Capgemini Talent & Acquisition, Mentoring Matters, Women LEAD and CARES program will focus on the following: 

1. Sell Yourself in Two Minutes or Less: Experts help you with sharpening your “tell me about yourself” pitch
2. Leveraging LinkedIn - New Recruiter Strategies: Capgemini recruiters share secrets you should know and tell you what they look for in candidates on LinkedIn 
3.Professional Goals 2.0: Restating Goals During The Pandemic: Professionals help you create your new goals as you navigate the world of work during a pandemic

22 Oct 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT

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